During my 40 years in the real estate business, I have had the pleasure of serving extraordinary sellers and buyers who deserve nothing less than my very best. There is no greater honor than to receive referrals from my previous clients, affirming that I have served them well. My commitment to excellence is what continually ranks my performance in the top 1% of real estate agents. I sell millions every year.

I am a Land Park resident in Sacramento and represent buyers and sellers throughout the Sacramento Valley. I am honored that media recognizes me as the #1 local expert for Sacramento short sales, and you can find my book, The Short Sale Savior, at Barnes and Noble. I am a Certified HAFA Specialist and Equator Certified Platinum for short sales. As the top Sacramento short sale agent, I also list, negotiate and sell short sales in Sacramento County, El Dorado County, Placer County and Yolo County.

The links above will help you find targeted information.  From more about my background to finding that perfect home, to reading my home buying articles for About.com, to searching for a short sale / bank-owned REO, each of the links contains valuable data.

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Tale of a Short Sale in The Rivers of West Sacramento

October 31, 2014 by Elizabeth

The Rivers West Sacramento

Homes don’t come up for sale very often in The Rivers in West Sacramento, that subdivision known as the Lighthouse Marina (misspelled in many public records), which helps to produce high demand for these homes. It’s a very pretty gated community, featuring an assortment of maple trees and other landscaping approved by the HOA, The Rivers. Thank goodness the U.S. Government isn’t in the habit of donating armed military tanks to HOAs because The Rivers would surely delight in owning one. … Continue reading

How Sacramento MetroList iBox Exchange Affects Home Sellers

October 30, 2014 by Elizabeth


The reason Sacramento real estate agents are getting hosed by MetroList is because . . . well, I’m not really sure of the explanation that MetroList gave me when it called to discuss my “hatchet job of MetroList.” There was much blabber about blubber: how large our MetroList is and how many lockboxes we have in our system, and how none of us will really know exactly what went on behind the scenes and never will know because it’s confidential … Continue reading

Selling a Home in Rio Linda When the Surprises Keep Coming

October 29, 2014 by Elizabeth


What does a Sacramento real estate agent do when her seller is traveling in Saudi Arabia without cellphone coverage? She doesn’t panic, for one thing. My motto is we can always find a way to take care of a potential problem, but I really had no idea how many challenges were about to present themselves when I accepted a listing in Rio Linda. It looked like a home in the midst of a rehab job. Nobody told me it had been vandalized. … Continue reading

Raising the Sales Price When a Home is Overpriced is a Bad Idea

October 28, 2014 by Elizabeth

Sacramento Listing Agent

Raising the sales price when your home doesn’t sell because it’s priced too high for the market is a screwball strategy that some sellers employ for various unknown reasons. Well, if you ask the seller he might say that a home down the street, for example, was just listed at a higher price, which in his mind would justify the price increase, even though it’s the wrong way to look at it. If anything, an overpriced home down the street will make … Continue reading

Telling Sacramento Sellers What They Don’t Want to Hear

October 27, 2014 by Elizabeth

woman gossip retro illustration, polka dots background

You can’t really be an effective Sacramento real estate agent if you’re not willing to tell sellers what they don’t want to hear. That means you have to figure out how to share bad news in such a way that people don’t immediately take off their shoes and start beating on your head. There is a way to frame bad news. Not necessarily like the cat on a roof story. I don’t know how one can expect a seller, for example, … Continue reading