During my 40 years in the real estate business, I have had the pleasure of serving extraordinary sellers and buyers who deserve nothing less than my very best. There is no greater honor than to receive referrals from my previous clients, affirming that I have served them well. My commitment to excellence is what continually ranks my performance in the top 1% of real estate agents. I sell millions every year.

I am a Land Park resident in Sacramento and represent buyers and sellers throughout the Sacramento Valley. I am honored that media recognizes me as the #1 local expert for Sacramento short sales, and you can find my book, The Short Sale Savior, at Barnes and Noble. I am a Certified HAFA Specialist and Equator Certified Platinum for short sales. As the top Sacramento short sale agent, I also list, negotiate and sell short sales in Sacramento County, El Dorado County, Placer County and Yolo County.

The links above will help you find targeted information.  From more about my background to finding that perfect home, to reading my home buying articles for About.com, to searching for a short sale / bank-owned REO, each of the links contains valuable data.

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The Two Givens in Sacramento Real Estate

August 29, 2014 by Elizabeth


There are two givens in real estate that pertain to Sacramento real estate and selling homes in Sacramento and well, just about anywhere in the country, actually. One is if your listing is about to expire, that home will suddenly, for no explicable foreseeable reason, sell. The other is if you go on vacation, all of your listings will sell. And that’s pretty much the way things have been going lately. We decided to get out of town to celebrate … Continue reading

The Worst Ways to Buy a Sacramento Home

August 28, 2014 by Elizabeth

Punxsutawny Phil Sacramento Real Estate

Have you ever wondered what are the worst ways to buy a Sacramento home? I swear, there are times when I see flashes of 25 years ago watching buyers in Sacramento hunt for a home to buy. It makes me wonder why they waste the effort. I suppose part of it is due to the low inventory of homes for sale in Sacramento, and those slim pickings can make some buyers feel desperate. The other reason is probably due to the … Continue reading

Which Sacramento Home Buyers Get the Short End of the Stick?

August 27, 2014 by Elizabeth

lying couple on grass and dream house collage

For years, first-time home buyers in Sacramento were getting the short end of the stick, and in many ways, they still are. That’s because sellers and listing agents tend to prefer the so-called stronger buyers, which would be the home buyers with cash or those obtaining conventional loans with substantial down payments of 20% or more. Me? I don’t really care as long as the buyer can close escrow, and therein lies some of the problem. Can the buyer close escrow? … Continue reading

Anything You Say Can and Will Be Used Against You

August 26, 2014 by Elizabeth

woman gossip retro illustration, polka dots background

Anything you say can and will be used against you, I warn home sellers in Sacramento. Sacramento home sellers have rights and don’t have to say anything to a third party. On top of that, no matter what a buyer’s agent may believe, it is not the seller’s responsibility to convey transaction status or to discuss anything about the terms of selling the home with another agent. That’s one of the reasons sellers hire a Sacramento real estate agent, to represent the … Continue reading

For Those Who Have Shunned a Bourbon Whiskey

August 25, 2014 by Elizabeth

Alcoholic Whiskey Bourbon In A Glass With Ice

I have been drinking bourbon whiskey. That’s not an excuse for my behavior, btw, it’s simply a new thing in my life. How I got to be over 60 years of age and had never developed an affinity for bourbon is beyond me. Especially when I spent the last 8 years negotiating and selling short sales in Sacramento –because if short sales don’t push you over the edge, I don’t know what will. I became curious about bourbon whiskey after reading … Continue reading